Warehouse Management

Warehouse mangement

Storage on product requirements

We offer our customers generous warehouse areas. All product-related requirement can be provided such as roofed areas, paved external storage areas and silo installations.

  • Separation of sensitive products
    We have capacity and know how to store all kinds of goods, sensitive dusts as well as products which require to be protected against moisture and sensitive reacting productsv.
  • Special knowledge
    Fromberger GmbH has specific expertise in handling of refractory products, alloys, ores and minerals.

Of course we offer storage for any other product – also if the product does not require any added value service.

  • Stoarge areas
    Total area: 45.000 m²
    Roofed storage area: 25.000 m²
    Paved external
    storage area: 20.000m²
    Silo capacity: 2.000 m³ spread over more than 30 Silo units